Hector Llorens Portfolio


Hector Llorens portfolio (see Curriculum Vitae). also includes some IT useful basics about Linux, Java, NLP and  related technologies.

2015 – TempEval-4 QA co-organization

Co-organzed an international evaluation on temporal information processing QA Tempeval

2014 – TimeML-Normalizer tool (github project)

Java application that, given different TimeML annotations in different folders or individual files, it normalizes the ids of the entities. For example, if one event is e1 in one annotation and the same event is referred as e251 in another annotations, they will obtain the same id after the normalization. Download, clone or fork TimeML-Normalizer.

2013 – TempEval-3 co-organization (SemEval – NAACL 2013)

Co-organized an international evaluation on temporal information processing: TempEval-3 .

2012 – TimeML-MergingTool (presented at TIME 2012)

A tool for merging different TimeML annotations of the same text. This uses a set of heuristics and temporal reasoning to get a high recall, high precision or balanced merged annotation that only contains consistent relations. Download. – Done in collaboration with researchers from the University of Rochester, NY.

2012 – TIMEN (presented at LREC 2012)

A temporal expression (timex) automatic normalizer ( This application obtains the ISO8861 value for written time expressions. For example, ‘October 2012′ gets ‘2012-10′, and ‘last year’ gets ‘2011’ (if the current year is 2012). – Done in collaboration with researchers from the University of Sheffield, UK.

2012 – TimeML-validator

A simple java application to check if your TimeML annotations are valid against the TimeML xsl schema (read more). Download, clone or fork TimeML-Validator.

2012 – Open Data Visualization

A web based (HTML/CSS/JS) open data visualization approach. See Open Data Visualization.

2011 – Time-Surfer (presented at ECIR 2011)

Timeline-based interactive graphical interface for TimeML annotated data. Done in collaboration with researchers from the University of Sheffield, UK


2010 – TIPSem

The TimeML automatic annotator for English and Spanish (link). Done at the University of Alicante, Spain.

I <EVENT>saw</EVENT> you <TIMEX3>yesterday</TIMEX3>.

2009 –

Centro Afán Alicante

Centro Afan includes on-line courses (Moodle): Curso de Trastornos del Lenguaje Escrito (Dislexia, Disortografía)

2006 – Vigilant – Radiobit Sistemas SL

Web developing and GPRS data management.



2005 – DomoSim&3D

Domotic environment simulator.

3D Guilef PovRay